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Our story

Hey Peak Bakers!

We're Alice and Lucas, the duo behind Peak Bakery. We grew up devouring baguettes and toast everyday. There are as much bakeries in France as there are Tim Horton in Canada! When we arrived in Vancouver, we couldn't find the same bread as we were used to.

We were doing our own bread daily, but we craved for more. More fresh, artisanal sourdough bread in our lives, minus the hassle. So we baked, and baked, and baked until we found the perfect solution. Now, we're sharing Peak Bakery with all you!

Our subscription boxes deliver ready-to-bake frozen sourdough bread and pastries to your door. It's time to indulge in healthier choices, comfort and convenience. Join us on this delicious adventure and let's redefine bread together.

Welcome to the Peak Bakery family, where we all have breadful days! Bonne journée!

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