Think about a life where bread is crispy, light, flavourful, easily accessible at home and even good for your health! Crazy right?!

Well, it should always be this way, and that's why Peak Bakery exists! With us, you will always have ready-to-bake bread, in your freezer, to make baker-quality baguette in ~40min at home!

  • Convenient

    Have frozen dough always available at home and bake whenever you want

  • Crispy

    No more mushy bread, only crispy and tasteful baguettes thanks to the PeakBox

  • Fast

    Get your baguette ready in less than 40min!

  • Traditional

    Handmade baguette made with 100% canadian flour and natural sourdough

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How it works

  • 1/ We make the dough

    Bread making is a lenghty process if you want it to get the most flavor and light bread. Our bread takes up to 3 days to make! We take this step off your plate by making all the dough ourselves by hand

  • 2/ You choose your bread

    Choose from a variety of bread (baguette, loaves, multigrains, etc.) so that you are sure to be set for any occasion. Nothing beats warm buttery toast and coffee for breakfast.

  • 3/ Pick-up / Delivery of the dough

    We are a small new local business, we're flexible and will do our best to make it available in as many Vancouver area as possible! Check our social media and website for more info on retail locations

  • 4/ You become your own baker

    In less than 40min and in any oven quality, you can bake yourself a crispy baguette directly from the freezer thanks to your PeakBox. It will also brings a warm bakery scent to your home!

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About our bread

All you need to know

  • 3 core ingredients

    It is crucial for us to use only the core ingredients that are needed in bread: Flours, water and salt. This is the base of all our breads.

    We don't even advertise "no added sugar" as it should not be here in the first place!

  • Patience is key (not for you!)

    It takes us between 2 and 3 days to prepare a batch of bread. Between the sourdough feeding and the baking, there are tons of critical steps too often skipped in the industrial process.

    We took care of that part,  you only have to bake it!

  • 100% natural sourdough = make peace with gluten!

    No industrial yeast in our breads, only our own sourdough that we have been feeding for more than 4 years now. Get all the sourdough benefits: gut health, easier to digest, amazing flavor...
    Sourdough is the ally you needed to be friend with gluten again!

  • Each bread is unique

    You will notice that our breads all looks quite different one from another. Even though their weights is equal, they are handmade, and will look unique

    Bread making is an art!

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